The Business (R)Evolution



Business development programs and wellness business systems for innovative practitioners.

Just imagine...

  • Prospects call you up, understand what makes you different, and want to work specifically with YOU because of YOU!
  • A powerful sales process to turn prospects into perfect-fit clients so you can stop wasting your time with tire-kickers and start spending quality time with action-takers that are ready to be clients.
  • A profitable program to enroll clients into long-term services so they get to truly experience the results they’re after.
  • You only work with clients that are totally committed and are a pleasure to work with (Goodbye to pain-the-ass clients!)
  • An awesome team so you get support in your business, so that you don’t have to do everything yourself.
  • You have regular, allotted time for your self-care, family, relationships and can go on vacation... and your business not only runs without you - it even grows without you!
  • You have steady, predictable income... so that you can properly plan your marketing, hiring, and business growth (and stop the feast-or-famine roller coaster).
  • You have a fulfilling profitable business that you love, and you have a wellness business system that gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want.

So why isn't your business providing for you the way you expected it would?

Your passion and drive is what makes you an effective practitioner.

But being a great practitioner (unfortunately) doesn’t also make you good at growing and running a business. 

On the outside your business looks great. But on the inside, it feels like a hot mess.

Do you relate to any of this...

  • you're making enough income, but you struggle to plan ahead, or worse, you're still living month to month and you're worried about having enough to cover next month's bills.
  • you feel overwhelmed as you lack structure and process, and struggle to create a clear plan and strategy for sustainable growth on your own.
  • you're tired of just getting by and need to build a savings cushion and invest in your future.
  • leads are coming in, but they’re not taking the next step, or you're wasting time with tire-kickers.
  • you know you should be raising your rates but it's intimidating because it's significantly more than your competitors.
  • you're working long hours and don’t have the time to get your business in order, or spend enough time with family.
  • you want to wake up feeling happy and excited about the work you're doing and know you're getting great results for your clients and making an impact.

And you've attempted to fix what's not working...

You’ve been tackling things on your own and thinking you can figure it out. 

At best, you're still "winging it", learning as you go, and making slow changes over time. But you're still living the income rollercoaster and frustrated that you struggle to meet your goals.

You've modeled your business after other people’s -hey if it (seems) to work for them should work for you too…

You know what? The other practitioners and coaches are usually winging it too! (Take it from me, I see the backend of a lot of businesses that appear successful on the outside. They’re often struggling with no wellness business system.)

Plus, when you do that the public and your prospects think you look pretty much the same as other people.

Maybe you tried to hire a marketing service...

Which ended up as a total loss, like throwing money away, which put your further into debt.

You can’t outsource parts of your business that you don’t understand. I know marketing can seem like a mystery, and marketing agencies may take advantage of that by throwing big words around and presenting flashy tactics they say you need to have.

Plus, marketing is just one piece of a profitable and sustainable business, it's not the whole picture - at all.

Maybe you did try to find help, you hired a coach or joined a program that sounded like the answer... only it didn’t work. 

Problem is the hundreds or people with “business” programs out there are simply pushing their one winning marketing tactic. Their programs aren't comprehensive and strategic, and aren't focused on creating real sustainable growth for a wellness business long-term.

One of my clients described her experience in a large program as “the blind leading the blind". Another client told me she felt “traumatized” by the inauthentic and slimy guru-led sales training she got. Yuck!

So if you're tired of the constant grind, and ready to implement a wellness business system with a repeatedly proven framework for purpose, profit, and impact... you're finally in the right place.

The Business (R)Evolution



A proven step-by-step wellness business system action plan, with strategies customized to you, with on-going support & 1:1 coaching, to ensure you reach your goals.

Joanna Sapir

Hi I'm Joanna.

I created the Business (R)Evolution Academy and the Leadership Cadre as wellness business systems to help practitioners like you create thriving, sustainable businesses by crafting sales, marketing, and management systems so you can focus on the transformational work you do, be more profitable, all while providing incredible services.

Throughout these programs we'll cover all aspects of your business, from marketing, to sales, to team building and financial management. We are teachers and we teach and empower our students.

Let’s build you a streamlined, profitable business so you can focus on the transformational work you do, with aligned clients you love... and make more money!

Discover the 3 pillars we'll work through to (R)evolutionize your business.


Sales System

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to package your services so that you are helping your clients achieve their big goals, price those packages properly for profitability, and to build a powerful and effective sales system that enrolls great-fit, aligned clients that want what you offer and happily pay for long-term services.

Price Your Services Properly

Pricing your services based on what “other people” in your field charge, or what you think your market “can afford” is probably why you’re struggling or overworked. Your pricing needs to be based on the profitability and sustainability of your business, period.

Provide the Ultimate Result

Why would you keep selling single sessions or packs of sessions when that doesn’t actually help your clients achieve their goals? Design programs and packages for your clients that provide the ultimate results they seek. Give them what they actually need to reach their goals and live larger lives.

Enroll Clients Predictably

When prospective clients don’t understand the value of what you offer and how it can help them, that’s a sign that you’re missing an effective sales process. A powerful and predictable sales system is key to enrolling great-fit, aligned people that want exactly what you offer, are fully committed to the work you’ll do together, and happily pay for your services. We build this step-by-step system in your business to convert your leads into great long-term clients.

Discover The Client Champion Formula™️

Marketing System

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to develop a brand and marketing plan that differentiates your company and services from the competition and defines your market and messaging, so that you can easily design and implement marketing strategies that attract the right people to your business.

Declare Your Vision, Values and Voice

“You don’t need to compete when you know who you are.” -Bernadette Jiwa.

Your vision, your values, and WHY you do this work are part of what differentiates your business from the rest. It’s how you stand out. It’s time to rise up, speak up and share your vision and values with your community, in order to attract the right people - both clients and staff - to your business to help you grow and have more impact.

Map Your Client Journey and Client Experience

How can you design your program to provide your clients a powerful, transformational experience? How can you build community in your programs? How can you create an experience that your clients become raving fans that tell everyone about you and refer you new business left and right? We’ll use Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to map both your client and prospect journey from where they are now to the ultimate result your program provides. They are the hero and you are the guide.

Generate New Leads & Nurture Them

Stop getting distracted by random marketing tactics that you “heard” about and think you need to try, and instead learn the fundamentals of marketing so that you can design your own successful marketing strategies that you actually enjoy. Ultimately, you’ll develop three effective lead generation activities that provide a flow of leads to your business.

Your Leadership System

Your mission, should you choose to accept is, to take a vacation while your business runs - and even grows - in your absence. This is only possible when you move from wearing all the hats in your business to becoming the leader of your company.

Know Your Numbers

Money is going in and out daily. You now have forecasted income well into the future from clients on long-term monthly payment plans. You’re considering making a first or new hire. You have multiple buckets of people to keep track of: leads and prospects, clients and alumni. Running a business requires that you know what the heck is going on in it, and tracking is key. Create dashboards for weekly, monthly and quarterly review of your key metrics so that you know exactly what’s going on and you can make the right decisions to move your business forward.

Stack Your Team

A business where you do everything is not a sustainable business - it’s just a job. Whether you want to take vacations or time off, or you want to eventually sell your business, you have to duplicate yourself so that the business can run without you. (How liberating does that sound!) This comes down to successfully stacking your team with the right people in the right roles.

Develop Your Rhythm

Running a business is some of the most important and intense personal development and self-growth work you could ever do. And it’s never done. You will have to continually breakthrough your limiting beliefs and the glass ceilings you’ve placed above your own head. And you will need to develop natural rhythms in your personal and professional life for optimal health and productivity. There are some key high-performance habits and practices to help you in this process.

What's Included in the Programs

Coaching & Support

Community & Camaraderie

Turnkey Tools & Systems

Yearly In-Person Retreat


Let’s break through the busy-ness and chaos, and build you a streamlined, profitable business.

Check out the phenomenal results after joining

The Business (R)Evolution




"Now, I have a marketing plan, a sales system, a website, and a list of happy and paying customers. Perhaps even more important than all that is that I have proven to myself that I do have a viable business."

"When I started working with Joanna, I really didn't have a 'business' at all. Now, I have a marketing plan, a sales system, a website, and a list of happy and paying customers. Perhaps even more important than all that is that I have proven to myself that I do have a viable holistic health business.

I believe the key to the new success I'm finding lies in focusing on the principals of sales and communication without getting caught in any particular formula.

It makes the whole process feel much more authentic and enjoyable, and enables me to start establishing a relationship with each client in the sales process itself."

-Dylan Staniec, Sea2Summit Training, Custom Strength and Conditioning Programming


"The past three months net income has been the highest I've ever had. And that's good, but really the awesome part is that the work is that much more enjoyable. What I thought was the best job I ever had is even more awesome."

"Before I start working with Joanna I was working by the hour. And every time I started a session with a client I felt compelled to provide enough "wow" and "aha" and “oh I feel better” so that by the end of that session they would book the next one. So I felt like I was constantly repeating myself in terms of always trying to make a sale with every session.

Once the whole structure changed such that the clients were buying into more long-term care, I could do each treatment with the end goal in mind - not with what they showed up with that day.

And that that alone made my work so much more fulfilling. My favorite work that I've ever found could be that much better because now I could work exactly how I was meant to work and the results for the clients were that much better - so I'm really just kind of blown away."

-Justin Corwin, Pain and Performance Solutions, Bodywork and Healing


"The results for me have been a nothing short of amazing. The work is more fulfilling, and I'm making more money."

"My holistic health business before starting the Business (R)Evolution program on the outside looked really good. But even though I was booked out weeks in advance, I still had no money. And I just couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.

The results for me have been a nothing short of amazing. The experience for me as a practitioner has been a game changer. I'm working with less clients, but the work is more fulfilling, and I'm making more money.

Now I've got a roadmap for how to do things financially that I never thought were going to be possible. Things like a retirement savings. Things like going on vacation.

I had no idea where the money to work with Joanna was going to come from and now I've made back that money threefold in the shortest amount of time possible. "

-Sara Kotila, Knead to Run, Massage Therapy


"Joanna will help you each step of the way in developing a plan- from choosing your pricing and membership models, to marketing language, to a sales process for getting new clients."

"As an experienced personal trainer, I knew a lot about coaching and exercise programming, but very little about actually building a business.

Joanna was extremely process-oriented and patient, never assuming what I did or did not know. She was careful to explain the how and why of each step and give me just enough to work with without being overwhelmed...her coaching helped me ease into it.

Joanna will help you each step of the way in developing a plan - from choosing your pricing and membership models, to marketing language, to a sales process for getting new clients."

-Kristin Newman, Speed Power Strength, Athletic Training Facility

How do I know if I'm a good fit?

This is for you if you're an experienced practitioner that is:

  • You are experienced and skilled at your craft. You have proven client results. There’s no question that you know what you’re doing when it comes to client treatment and care.
  • You get referrals from current or past clients. You are likely making in the range of $35k-$100k annually.
  • You are driven to grow, excited to step up, feel you are on the edge of something really big about to happen
  • You are ready, willing, and able to make a significant financial investment to get the results you’re after. Successful graduates of this program generate 5 figures monthly.

Who is NOT a good fit? These programs aren't right for someone who:

  • Is just starting a business and doesn't have any or many paying clients.
  • Doesn't have proven client results yet, or are just not confident yet in your actual services
  • Is feeling desperate for a quick fix or a savior
  • Is looking for the one magic marketing tactic that is going to make your business successful (hint: it doesn't exist)
  • Is doing this work as a "side hustle"
  • Sells products. This program is for service-based businesses only.

Are you ready to finally build a streamlined, profitable business?