Your Customized Strategy for a Transformational & Profitable Practice.

Discover just how successful your business can be when you have a custom action plan covering sales, pricing, marketing, operations and more...


You've most likely grown your business through the years without a clear plan for profitability or sustainability. And you've managed well enough that it looks pretty good!

(From the outside at least, right?...)

You've helped lots of clients over the years and they think highly of you. Your business has been built on the fact that you're good at what you do.

And although it looks good on the outside, perhaps on the inside it feels pretty messy. You really don't have business systems in place, you could have a 'bad' month at any time, and the whole thing runs simply because you show up every day to do your work as a practitioner. You're not doing the work of 'business owner' (which you keep hearing you're supposed to do).

You'd like to be more deliberate about your business, to bring home more income, streamline your processes, and feel like a successful business owner with a plan and direction - not just a great practitioner.


You need a clear plan for this wild business ride.

Imagine getting GPS turn-by-turn instructions crafted specifically for where you are in your business and where you want to be - without forcing yourself into a one-size-fits-all solution (that the marketers and gurus push) and without signing up for a self-guided online course that you'll never complete (because we want real face-to-face action).

Get customized 1:1 guidance from someone who's not only been there, but has helped hundreds of other practitioners just like you take their business to the next level. (That's me!)

Your 1:1 Strategy Session will help you get crystal clear on the following for your business:


Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Sales are not the same thing. You need to understand the difference, and put systems in place for both visibility and getting clients. We'll look at your business and identify the marketing and sales processes you need to call in your people and turn the right leads into paying clients.


Pricing & Packaging

How you package your services should be based on providing the best possible results for your clients, while your pricing should be based on profitability for your business. We'll look at your current pricing and packaging and I'll help you discover the best ways you can package your services into no-brainer options to create long-term clients, steady income, and profitability.


Vision & Values

Your vision and values are the foundation on which your business is built - and now more than ever, practitioners and coaches need to take a stand for our values and what we believe. If you skipped this step in building your business, I'll help you lay this foundation now so you can work in greater integrity, attract the right people aligned with your vision, and build a stronger business.


Leadership & Scaling

Truth: to grow your business, you can't wear all the hats all the time. Maybe you've realized that already, but don't know how to shift to being the leader of your business, not just the practitioner. I'll show you models for scaling your business so that everything doesn't rely on you, and based on your individual strengths and vision, will lay out what your business can look like when you're leading it and not just working in it.

What Do You Get with a Strategy Session for a Transformational and Profitable Practice?

The Strategy Session consists of a 60 minute session designed to give you an action plan showing you exactly what you need to do to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be in the next year.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it:

Gain the clarity you need to confidently grow your practice and help your clients achieve amazing transformations - all while being more profitable and earning more revenue.

Are you Ready for an Evolution and (R)Evolution in Your Business?

I want to help health and wellness providers who get great results for their clients reach and help more they can become agents of change in the world.

With the Strategy Session you'll get individualized support for your business with direct access to me. I'll deliver a written plan you can use to move forward and also give you a special discount on future programs.

"I am finally reaching my goals of a steady income and client success...

As a result of Joanna's coaching, I now have steps to take to get more clients, about 80% of leads are now becoming clients, and my clients are more successful. Joanna offers strong, clear, step by step guidance which truly works if you follow it. It has really made all the difference in the world for my business. I am finally reaching my goals of a steady income and client success. I am so grateful to have found her!"


"Joanna will help you each step of the way in developing a plan- from choosing your pricing and membership models, to marketing language, to a sales process for getting new clients.

As an experienced personal trainer, I knew a lot about coaching and exercise programming, but very little about actually building a business.
Joanna was extremely process-oriented and patient, never assuming what I did or did not know. She was careful to explain the how and why of each step and give me just enough to work with without being overwhelmed...her coaching helped me ease into it.
Joanna will help you each step of the way in developing a plan - from choosing your pricing and membership models, to marketing language, to a sales process for getting new clients."


Will You Take the Next Step to Create a Transformational and Profitable Practice?

If so I'd love to help you bridge the gap between your passion and vision to a profitable and stable business.