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Joanna Sapir, Wellness Business Coach

Joanna Sapir is on a mission to support practitioners with growing their business:

Getting long-term clients, serving their clients more deeply, creating steady and predictable income, and streamlining and organizing their businesses so that they escape the burnout and chaos that practitioners often experience.

This mission is personal as Joanna went through this firsthand herself with her own brick-and-mortar wellness business. For almost a decade she made some big mistakes and experienced tough burnout before she figured out how to get the best results for her clients and build a smooth-running, profitable andsustainable company.

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I have already witnessed positive changes since your workshop:

I am so much more confident in my skills and knowledge and I feel confident taking the role as the care provider and the one who knows best what the client needs. I also have confidence in what I charge, and setting boundaries around what I need as a therapist and business owner.

Creating that relationship and a plan, and getting them more involved has been huge. I have already attracted 2 new weekly regulars. The PPGD is helping me figure out my strengths as a practitioner. I am starting to feel much more professional and worthy. Thank you for your wisdom.
-Conner Tamblyn, Massage Therapist

Speaking Topics

How to Get Long-Term Clients and Consistent Income with the Client Champion Formula

Learn how to build - or remodel - your business to get long-term committed clients, create predictable monthly income, and feel more fulfilled than you ever imagined. The Client Champion Formula shows you exactly how, and in this workshop I’ll walk you through every component of this proven roadmap to building a profitable and sustainable wellness business.

Generate Steady Income: How to Price and Package Your Services for Better Client Results & More Income

Far too many wellness practitioners struggle to be financially stable in their businesses, and live with feast or famine income. Yet this is entirely preventable with the right business structures in place. In this workshop, we’ll dive into how to properly price and package your services for profitability, steady income, AND better client results. It’s a win-win for you and your clients.

Call In Your People: How to Attract Your Ideal Clients to Your Wellness Business

Working with great committed clients that get the best results from their work with you is one of the keys to building a more fulfilling and profitable business. In this workshop, we’ll learn how to attract the right clients for you (and how to repel the wrong ones) so that instead of ending up with the one-time “fix me” folks or clients that don’t follow through on their part of the work - you get to focus on long-term relationships with people that are fully committed to their transformation and growth.

Create Committed Clients: How to Powerfully and Authentically Enroll New Clients in your Services

A “sales” process is how you turn your leads into paying clients. But many wellness practitioners are missing a sales process in their business! In this workshop, we’ll learn the components of a powerful and predictable sales system for your wellness business, so that you can enroll great-fit, aligned clients that are fully committed to the work you’ll do together and happily pay for your services.

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