Should I Hire A Business Coach?


Written by Joanna Sapir

You may have gotten this far in your business doing it all by yourself. But the fact is, that without guidance, support, and accountability, you simply won’t be able to take your business to the next level (or the level after that, or the level after that). Doing it alone can only you get so far and then you become your own limiting factor.

Said more simply: what got you here, won’t get you there. This is when it’s time to get coaching.  I never would have been able to build the business I did – one that provided me the lifestyle and income I wanted – without investing in business coaching to help me. And you can bet that even as a Business Coach myself now, I still have a coach for my personal and professional development!

Here are 10 important things you’ll gain when you invest in business coaching

1. Knowledge, support, guidance.

Can you imagine a professional athlete expecting to win in their sport without a coach to provide training plans, encouragement, and accountability? No way! Business is no different, and it’s a mistake to think that you can or should be able to do it by yourself. Just like a high-performing athlete, you need a plan, and the accountability and support to follow it. This is what a good Business Coach provides.

2. Tried-and-true tools and models for running your business.

A Business Coach knows what works and what doesn’t in business, whether that’s in pricing and packaging, finding and enrolling new clients, or hiring an employee and delegating responsibilities.

Instead of learning the hard way by creating tools or systems from scratch, or making a bunch of mistakes and then having to correct them, a Business Coach can provide you tried-and-true models and tools to help you build systems in your business that work from the beginning. 

3. Confidence that you’re on the right path.

Having your own Coach in your corner, someone that has found success him or herself, and has helped others find success as well, is a huge confidence-booster.

You have someone to talk to, guide you, help you, support you through anything you’re struggling with, right through to the other side, where you come out stronger.

4. Increase your income

A Business Coach will do a big-picture assessment to see where your business is at now and identify exactly what is needed to increase its revenue, its profit, and ultimately, your income.

5. Decrease stress

When you have a Business Coach guiding your business development, and you see that it is entirely possible to manage all the different pieces of your business by putting efficient systems in place…ahh, the relief is indescribable. Just imagine what it’s like to have your business running smoothly without you managing everything. Don’t you feel more relaxed already? 

6. Have someone to talk to that actually understands

Being a small business is owner is straight-up lonely. Your significant other, best friend, or closest family member just doesn’t understand what it’s like. That’s hard, I totally know.

When you have a Business Coach, s/he really does understand. They know what’s going on in your business, what you’re going through and dealing with, and you can share your wins and challenges with him/her and they will truly appreciate and understand.

7. Have a sounding board for your new ideas and big vision

You have a great new idea. Maybe you want to add a new service. Maybe you want to cut your work schedule in half. Maybe you want to invest in a new tool or piece of equipment.

Your Business Coach can be a sounding board for your ideas, asking pertinent questions to help you understand whether your ideas are realistic and will help you meet your goals.

8. Get new ideas and see things from a different perspective than your own

Even though this is listed as #8, it’s one of the most important on this list. As a small business owner, it’s easy to get stuck in daily routines that aren’t necessarily good for you business, but because they are just ‘the way I do it and always have’ you don’t see that there are potentially better ways to operate.

A Business Coach will introduce new ideas and ways of operating that you might never have thought of yourself, and as long as you keep an open mind, these new ideas could help transform your business.

9. Step outside of your comfort zone

We all know that growth only occurs when you push into the outer edges of your comfort zone or beyond. A coach helps push you there, and supports you as you try new things.

10. Connect with other small business owners going through the same things you are

Ideally, a Business Coach has built a community of clients that communicate with and support each other as they go through the same or similar situations and challenges. It’s powerful to be able to bounce ideas off not just your coach, but your comrades, and to get support from not just your coach but a community of people just like you. 

Which one of these 10 benefits would impact you most?

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