Raise Your Prices Confidently: Tips for Wellness Practitioners

How to raise your prices as a wellness practitioner

Written by Joanna Sapir

Do you need to raise your prices, but you don’t know how to do it without alienating your current clients?

It’s a fine line to walk, and there is a very specific way you need to approach and execute it. Today I’m going to share my recommendations for how to raise your prices successfully.

My method not only shows care and gratitude for your clients and your client community, but can also create stronger bonds and connections with your clients.

The Wrong Way to Raise Your Prices

When it comes to raising your prices, there is a right way to do it . . . and a wrong way. And unfortunately, I see many practitioners do it incorrectly.

This all-too-common scenario occurs when a wellness practitioner sends a short, direct message to their clients informing them that prices are going up. 

While I’m generally a big fan of being direct and to the point, I think that a different approach is needed when it comes to communicating something like a price change.

Changing your prices is going to be a big deal for your current and potential clients. If you send a short and pointed announcement, you risk getting pushback from your clients and severing relationships with your community.


A short message is missing connection and trust. You aren’t expressing care and gratitude, nor are you giving your clients an explanation – a glimpse behind the scenes at why you’re raising your prices. Most importantly, you aren’t sharing how it’s going to positively impact everyone involved.

Instead of dreading raising your prices, I want you to reframe it and see it as a huge opportunity for you to build community, loyalty, and connection.


wellness practitioner working with a client in her office studio

Why Should You Raise Your Prices?

There are many reasons you may decide to raise your prices:

  • You didn’t price your services properly to begin with.

Perhaps you charged what other practitioners were charging, or you priced your services by the hour or by the session. I talk about these and other pricing mistakes in my podcast titled The Three Biggest Pricing Mistakes Practitioners Make.

  • You are physically moving your business.

You are changing your prices to reflect cost and market conditions in a new location.

  • You need to raise prices to keep up with standard of living, rent, etc.

You may be experiencing an increase in cost of living and need to raise your prices to maintain your rate of pay. Plus, the actual costs of running your business have most likely gone up as well because of inflation.

  • You are transitioning from pricing by the session to offering programs

I’m a huge proponent of this! I believe you get better client results and have a more sustainable business when you stop selling sessions and start creating programs or treatment plans for your clients.

The process for raising your prices that we are discussing today can be applied to any of these scenarios.


Physical therapy program for a wellness practitioner

How to Overcome Your Fear of Raising Prices

I want to emphasize that you cannot let fear hold you back from taking forward steps in your business. 

Doing the things that you’re scared of is what builds confidence and builds your resilience! So you can’t just sit and wait until you feel confident to do something. because doing it is what creates that confidence, which in turn leads to the growth and success you are working so hard to achieve.

How To Raise Your Prices

Think of raising your prices as running a campaign. 

You are creating a campaign to inform and educate your clients about changes that are happening, and you want to invite them to continue being part of your community.

1. Calculate profitable pricing

The first step is to calculate what your pricing needs to be for your business to be profitable and sustainable. I have a free pricing calculator that you can use to do this. You will also get free access to my training video that walks you through calculating your profitable pricing. 

2. Decide on the timing of the campaign

Step two is to get out your calendar and decide on the timing of your price-raising campaign. 

First, decide when the price change will officially go into effect. Next, subtract four to six weeks from that date to create a time period for you to implement the campaign. 

For example, if you decide you are going to raise your prices on Aug 1, subtract 6 weeks from that date, which is roughly June 15.

On June 15 you will send an initial letter to kick off the campaign. You can send it by snail mail, email, or both – your choice.

During the four-to-six-week campaign period, you’re going to send at least one reminder or follow-up email as well.

If you’re changing things in a way that’s going to require your current clients to opt-in to a new program (i.e. sessions to programs), then you will also need to create a process for or set up a meeting with each current client.

This process or meeting will be to 1) educate them about how the new program will help them, and 2) answer questions and encourage them to invest in themselves and their healing goal.

If you are truly just changing the prices you could shorten the timeline of your campaign, but if you’re transitioning to programs, I’d recommend this one.

3. Prepare and send the announcement letter

Now you are ready to write your announcement. This is the most important part of the campaign; the contents of the letter need to be very intentional.

In The Business (R)evolution Academy I help you design and implement all of this communication piece by piece, and we talk about something called internal marketing.

Internal marketing involves the messages you send to your existing community. The key component of this marketing is positioning information to show what’s in it for them. 

Think in terms of the current clients who will be reading your announcement: How will the changes benefit them? If that’s hard to figure out, keep reading.

Here is what you want to include in that letter:


In your announcement, you want to create a sense of community and make it clear that your business is something bigger than just your one-on-one work with them. 

If your service is based on one-on-one work and your clients haven’t met each other, this is an opportunity for you to create a sense of community by speaking to them and explaining that they are part of a community of clients.


The next thing to include in this letter is gratitude.  Say how grateful you are that they are part of your client community. 

Elaborate on why you’re grateful: Are you grateful for your clients? Are you grateful for the time you get to spend with them? Are you grateful for the impact you are able to make? Truly express what things you are grateful for.

Review accomplishments and contributions

You should also include a section highlighting your business’s achievements. 

This is your chance to brag! Showcase the accomplishments, contributions, and impact your business has had on your clients and community. What are all the things you’ve done inside your business to serve your clients better? Have you gotten new training? Applied new methods and modalities? Brought in outside resources or new equipment? Hired or expanded staff? This is a chance for you to acknowledge to yourself, as well, all the wonderful work you’ve done that positively impacts your clients.

Share your plans

Once you share the wonderful things you have done so far, you are ready to look ahead and share what your upcoming plans are for the business. 

What is your vision? What do you plan to add, create, or achieve in the near future? What you are basically doing here is establishing a pre-justification for the change in price that you are going to announce.

State the changes

Now it is time to state the changes. You can say “In order to continue providing this great service and implement these wonderful new plans I have shared that will benefit you, I will be increasing the prices for my services. 

Do this without apology. Don’t complain about inflation, or taxes, please don’t whine or blame. Remember: this is a positive thing that is going to allow you to serve people better, so you’re stating it matter-of-factly with a completely positive take on why it’s happening. This is a wonderful move forward for your business and clients, and you need to believe in it.

Lay out this beautiful narrative about how these new wonderful plans you have will benefit your clients and will be worth the increase in cost.

Clarify specific action item deadlines

Next, you will outline any required actions they need to take, along with the deadlines for these actions.

If they need to opt in or choose from multiple options, provide them with the deadline and clear instructions on how to do so.

Now that you have completed your positive, informative letter explaining your price increase, take a deep, confident breath and send it to your mailing list!

  1. Complete the campaign

After mailing your letter, all that is left is to send reminders as you approach the implementation date and arrange any necessary meetings.

Raise Your Prices Without Pushback!

By following the above approach and presenting your price increase as a positive, value-creating opportunity that you are excited to offer your clients, you are taking the first step towards transforming your business. 

This transformation will not only help you achieve better client results, but will also bring in higher income with less effort.

To help you get started, I am offering FREE access to my pricing training module!

How Much Should I Charge For My Services? Free Resource

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This is the same calculator that I use with my 1:1 and group coaching clients to determine the proper pricing of their packages and services.

I am excited to help you transform your wellness business and move you closer to committed clients, higher (and consistent) income, and creating a successful and sustainable business.

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