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Welcome to Season Two of the Business (R)Evolution Podcast! I am so excited to share everything I’ve got planned with you for this season. It’s going to be an incredible season full of expert advice for your health and wellness business!

Are you ready to find out how you can get more leads with the right messaging in your marketing? Want to know the truth behind whether your business really needs to be on Instagram? Should you create an online course? Curious what race and racism have to do with your business? Do you want to know how to make the transition to running programs when you’re currently just running classes and sessions?

This season on the Business (R)Evolution Podcast, you’ll get all this and more! I’ve also confirmed three guest experts to come on the show and impart their knowledge just for you – but I’ll keep them a surprise.

I’m also delighted to share two exciting upcoming events!

In this episode of the Business (R)Evolution Podcast:

  • Find out about some of the episodes coming up in season 2
  • The Business R(E)volution Academy is opening 2 cohorts this fall
  • The Business R(E)volution Retreat is coming up, secure your space now

Business (R)Evolution Retreat – Free Event
September 9, 2022

This is a day-long deep-dive into applying the Client Champion Formula Workshop for long-term clients and a steady predictable income! This is for you regardless of whether you’ve already watched the Client Champion Formula masterclass.
We will dive deeper and workshop some of the Formula so you’re not just learning concepts, you’re applying them to your business.

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Resources and links Joanna mentions in this episode:

Joanna Sapir is a business strategist and coach helping innovative wellness practitioners build more profitable and sustainable businesses. She's on a mission to build a movement of people creating a new vision and reality for our future as humans on earth.

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Full episode transcript

Welcome to the Business Revolution Podcast, where practitioners and coaches that provide services in health, wellness, and education, come to learn the business side of things like marketing, pricing, hiring, finances, all the things you need to streamline and organize your business, create steady and predictable income, serve your clients even more deeply and reach your full potential as a business owner.

If you are a skilled, experienced practitioner of your craft that has or wants to have a profitable and sustainable business doing the work you love, you’re in the right place. I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s get into this episode.

Hello and welcome back. We’re kicking off season two of the Business Revolution for practitioners podcast, and I’m so excited to be here and to share some of the topics we’re covering this season and some of the guests we’re bringing on. So this is the season two preview.

I also want to thank you for being a listener. If you’re someone that has shared with me the impact the podcast has had on you and your business so far, I really want to thank you. It lights me up and makes me really happy.

Before I share the season two preview, I want to make sure you know, about a couple things coming up that may be of interest to you. Number one, is that we’ll be opening two new cohorts of the Business Revolution Academy this fall, we’re talking about fall 2022.

So if the Business Revolution Academy has been something that you’ve been eyeing and are considering this fall might be the right time for you. I encourage you to plan accordingly. For more information about the Business Revolution Academy, you can visit the programs page on my website, which of course I’ll link to in the show notes. If you’ve already been checking it out and you were already considering joining, then now would be the time to schedule a discovery call with me to see if it really is the right fit for you right now. I only invite you in if I can see it’s the right fit and then you get to decide whether it is for you and now would be the time to schedule that call and get planning on that.

My second announcement, number two is that I’m going to be offering the business revolution retreat again. So what this is, is a day long, deep dive into applying the client champion formula for long-term clients and steady predictable income to your business.

This is for you, if maybe you’ve already watched the Client Champion Formula Masterclass, even if you’ve already watched it. In the retreat, we’re going to dive deeper and we’re going to workshop some of the pieces in it so you’re not just learning the concepts, you’re actually applying them to your business. I mean, this is great, even if you’ve watched it or you started it and didn’t finish. This is the master class that I have on auto play, or maybe you’ve never watched it at all. This is all of those situations or a great opportunity to learn exactly how to get long- term clients and create steady, predictable income in your business and really apply it.

So personally, I know I do better in a live workshop setting with a teacher rather than watching replays. That’s why I offer this. And I should mention, this is free. This is a free event. I keep considering charging for it, especially after one of the last participants said, I would totally pay for that but right now it’s a free event and it’s a way to get deeper into the Client Champion Formula or to even be introduced to it. Of course the info on that is in the show notes as well, including the date and times of that retreat.

Let’s talk about season two of the podcast.

Some of the things that I will be talking about are how you can get more leads with the right messaging in your marketing. I’m going to be addressing the question, does your business really need to be on Instagram? I’ll be asking and answering the question should you create an online course? We’re also going to be talking about what race and racism has got to do with your business. I’m going to be answering a question that many people ask, how to make the transition to running programs when you’re currently just offering classes or sessions.

There is going to be more, I have three confirmed guests I’ve invited on. I am going to keep them a surprise, but I can’t wait to introduce them to you. Now I’m going to get back to doing those interviews and preparing those episodes so that you can enjoy them and learn from them. Remember that number one, the Business Revolution Academy is opening up again this fall, two cohorts, very limited spots.

If you’ve been thinking about doing that, I encourage you to set up a discovery call with me now. Number two, the Business Revolution Retreat is coming up. This is a free day-long workshop where we learn the client champion formula for long-term clients and steady, predictable income and apply it to your business. You can find the link to sign up for that in show notes. It has the date and times there.

Onward to episode one of season two, which should be out next week. Until then, bye.

Hey, if you enjoy listening to this podcast and you want to apply what you’re learning here in your business, did you know that you can meet directly with me and ask me questions and get my help when you come to the Practitioner’s Business Round Table. The Practitioner’s Business Round Table is a free gathering for innovative practitioners that I host each month. We meet live via Zoom and when you sign up for a spot, you have the chance to submit your questions beforehand, to get them answered by me at the round table discussion. You can grab a seat for the next Practitioner’s Business Round Table, by going to joannasapir.com/roundtable.

Let’s go deeper. Come learn more about how to build a fulfilling and profitable practice with long-term clients and stable income. I hope to see your face there.