I help innovative practitioners tame the chaos in their business and create predictable income within 6 months.

Ready to step into leadership and build the business you want?


Attract and enroll wonderful, committed clients with ease

Get a structured marketing and sales process that feels authentic and down-right easy.


Steady your cashflow & increase your income while helping clients more deeply

Land long-term clients so you spend less time marketing and selling yourself.


Do more fulfilling work that's aligned with your values and purpose

Work in your zone of genius, make clients more successful and make a bigger impact.

The past three months net income has been the highest I've ever had. And that's good, but really the awesome part is the work is that much more enjoyable. What I thought was the best job I ever had is even more awesome."

Julian Corwin,

As an experienced personal trainer, I knew a lot about coaching and exercise programming, but very little about actually building a business. Joanna will help you each step of the way in developing a plan - from choosing your pricing and membership models, to marketing language, to a sales process for getting new clients."

Personal Trainer


You have a big vision for what you and your business can really be. Now how will you make it a reality?

I see you...

You’re smart. You’re strong and independent. You know how to make things happen. You know how to dig in, do the work, bring your fire (and faith in yourself) and get things done.

The work you do with your clients is powerful, innovative, and transformational…

When you originally started your business you dove right in. Strong, independent, you. And now you have a legit business: plenty of certifications, clients and experience. You charge a good rate. And you’re damn good at what you do. Actually, you’re doing innovative things that most practitioners are not — and it’s powerful work.

Because of who you are, and the amazing experience and drive you bring to your work, here is what I see is possible for you...

  • Every new client invests in a long-term program with you — which gets them better results so they achieve their big goals, and you can forecast revenue months into the future.
  • Feel more fulfilled with work that reflects YOU and the innovative work you do and expand into your true zone of genius doing what you enjoy most.
  • Better profits so you can invest in your growth, feel financially secure and save for your retirement.
  • Marketing that feels easy and totally aligned with who you are, and that brings you the perfect qualified leads whenever you decide to turn it on...
  • Your business can run (and grow) without you so you have more free time to spend with your family, friends and even take a vacation.

Ready to see these kinds of results in your business?


I've worked with other coaches in the past, but never got the results I was after. Your program has been a game changer. I have a real handle on my finances, and even saving for retirement. I've made back my investment three fold — in the shortest amount of time possible. I can't even believe how easy it's been to work with clients now that my offers are aligned with their actual needs. Best part is I don't feel like I have to sell my clients on the next session and the next session.

— Sara Kotila, Massage Therapist

The Business


Streamline your business. Make a bigger impact. And make more money while doing it.


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