“My practice was not built to take care of me” (Galina’s story)

Galina's story

Written by Joanna Sapir

One of the best things about the Business (R)Evolution Academy is the incredible, innovative wellness practitioners that are in it. Each one possesses a unique gift, something life-changing that is begging to be shared with the world. 

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you do work that is life-changing for your clients as well. My mission is to help changemakers like you build a business that expresses your values and purpose in life, that provides profit, and that has a real impact on your community. 

Today, I want to tell you Galina’s story.

Galina is a trauma practitioner who previously had an in-person practice specializing in people with chronic pain. She has now transitioned to an online practice, helping people who are suffering from dysfunctional eating behaviors, particularly emotional eating.

Over the last twenty years, her time was spent working with clients, or learning to be a better practitioner so that she can help her clients in deeper and more effective ways. She regularly invested in her own development and education as a practitioner.

If you’re a natural “helper” like her, you can probably relate.

She didn’t invest in business development or business strategy work. She never asked questions like, “Is this a viable business? Can this support my family? How do I build a sustainable business?” 

Her focus was always on continuing to grow as a practitioner so she could hold that beautiful space for her clients. 

But after 18 years, Galina found herself on the brink of burnout. 

It would be really far-fetched to call what I had a business model. People called for help, and I said yes to everyone. My youngest client was 5 and oldest was 89 – so I got to work with a great variety of people. It was great schooling, but it required a lot of me. I couldn’t define the people who were my people – the people who really fit my approach, my talent, and were also ready to put in their part.

She started to realize that even though she had become a really effective practitioner, her business wasn’t so healthy. 

I had no way to have a predictable outcome. People would come, and then they wouldn’t. I had this feeling that there was more out there….There has to be a way I can learn to be more stable in my practice, and learn to build a practice that takes care of me. My practice was not built to take care of me.

When I closed my brick and mortar space, I started to be aware that The Business (R)evolution Academy could help me create the scaffolding for something that would be healthier for me in the long run.

I met Galina as she was shutting the doors on her brick and mortar location so she could focus on a new area of work that she was committed to making space for.  As she stepped into a new arena, she decided it was time for a change.

Three months later, things looked totally different for Galina.

Before joining The Business (R)evolution Academy, Galina was always trying different things – offering this piece or that piece to see what stuck. 

For me as a practitioner, of course I would be frustrated when my clients didn’t reach their goals. But I was complicit in them not getting there because I didn’t have a way to think about what it takes outside of the session -and it takes quite a bit outside of the session. The work I do is very relational. When people come to you, they are in some sort of pain or suffering and they want to be on the other side of it. 

I always saw my commitment as: ‘I show up in the session’ not as the person who sees it through the end.” 

Now, she takes a different approach. 

The Business (R)Evolution Academy taught me that in the initial phases of working together, I needed to educate my clients on what they really needed to get where they want to go, how am I going to support them in it, what my role is, and what is their role is. It’s very different from selling.

Galine is learning to truly champion her clients and their goals. The Client Champion Formula is a core pillar of the Business (R)Evolution Academy, and it’s how you create connection with your clients, get commitment from them to do the work that is going to get them to their goals, and make cash in the process. 

The Business (R)evolution Academy is designed for practitioner who are doing incredible work, to make their businesses work. Galina was already a great practitioner. But she needed to structure her business to be sustainable and provide steady income for her and her family. And in the process of restructuring her business to do that, she is serving her clients at an even deeper and more impactful level than before!

As you may have heard me say before, this is truly a win-win scenario. Your clients win, and you win. 

“To anyone who is considering bringing their work into the light: when your work is valuable, there are people out there who need it. If you’re like me, and you wonder “Do I have enough?”, you probably have way more than enough – you just need to have your eyes on those people that need you.”

The Business (R)Evolution Academy is a 12 month program for innovative wellness practitioners and coaches that want to build a streamlined, systematized and profitable business that serves to create change in people’s lives and in the world.  If you are interested in joining, click here to book a free discovery call. 

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Joanna Sapir is a business strategist and coach helping innovative wellness practitioners and coaches build more profitable and sustainable businesses. She's on a mission to build a movement of people creating a new vision and reality for our future as humans on earth.

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