You're a Business (R)Evolution Academy Graduate

Now the fun work begins...

The Leadership Cadre is here to help you keep the momentum going...

Get ongoing support so you can implement all you've learned, keep the forward momentum going with a clear marketing and leadership strategy, and - most importantly - never again feel lost about how to move your business forward.


$10k for a one year membership
(or $875 per month payment plan)


Joanna Sapir


Quarterly 1:1 Strategy Sessions With Joanna

These quarterly 1:1 strategy sessions are where we look at your long-term and short-term goals, and identify your focus for each quarter based on those goals. We break further break that down into projects for each quarter, and you use the Leadership Cadre for the guidance, content, and support you need as you work on the projects to reach your goals.

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Access To Our Growing Library Of Curriculum And Content Such As:

  • Principles and Frameworks for Marketing
  • Define Your Brand
  • Make Your Website Convert Leads into Prospects
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Write Compelling Copy
  • Growing a Team to Grow your Business
  • Client Experience
  • Financial Management

...and more added all the time, based on the needs of our members.

Unlike the BRA, the curriculum is "buffet" style - you use what you want, when you want, based on your quarterly projects and goals.


Live Calls With Joanna And The Other Members Of Our Faculty.

Show Up With Your Stuff, And Get Coaching And Support As You Need. Each Month We Offer:

  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • Leadership and Hiring
  • Money Coaching
  • Copy Clinic
  • Soul Support
  • The Collective Mastermind
  • Tech Support
  • Lesson of the Month

All calls are recorded (except Soul Support) so even if you can't make it live, you can still listen in. Live call recordings and curriculum are also available in our private LC podcast feed.


Amazing Guest Teachers

Every few months we bring in a guest teacher to talk about a specific business topic.

Past guest teachers have included topics such as:

  • Getting booked on podcasts
  • Writing your long-term nurture email sequences
  • Boosting your website visibility

And we have many more planned!


Camaraderie And Community.

Be part of a tight-knit group of innovative practitioners, colleagues, friends that understand and support you in your journey - because they're on the journey too.


Free Ticket To Our Annual Strategic Planning Event And Any Other Virtual Events We Put On.

Enjoy free access to all of Joanna's virtual events throughout the year. The Annual Strategic Planning Event in January is a favorite amongst alumni.

Join us for Several calls each month

Only attend the calls that provide what you need for your current focus!


Call schedule subject to change.


$10k for a one year membership
(or $875 per month payment plan)

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