How To Say No (and Make More Money as a Result)

say no but make more money

Written by Joanna Sapir

“I feel like I constantly have to sell myself. I’m sick of dealing with clients who don’t value my services.” 

You’re not alone. I hear this all the time. 

You’ve spent years acquiring these wonderful skills and experiences. You know that what you offer can change people’s lives, in amazing ways…just like it changed yours. 

You feel called to share your passion and gifts with others – if only they could understand how much they could benefit from it! 

In reality, you work with anyone that comes your way, even when they aren’t a perfect fit. Although you ideally want to serve clients who really understand and value what you can do, you’re not going to turn people away who show up. 

These clients may not be perfect, but their (little bit of) money pays the bills. 

The problem is, these imperfect clients end up sucking your energy away from what really matters.

These are people that start…and then disappear.
They might question your prices or try and haggle you down.
Question how you do things.
Resist your suggestions. Don’t do their homework.
Or just say, they “can’t afford” to keep going. 

They don’t get it, they don’t truly understand the depth of this work and don’t value it. In turn, it feels like they don’t value YOU. 

The reality is, if you keep working with these wrong clients, and you don’t have the skills to get them on the same page as you during the marketing and sales process, then they keep taking your time and energy, and you can’t give your time and expertise to who and what really matters: your ideal clients, the right people, the ones that understand the transformation that’s possible for them and WANT TO GO ON THAT JOURNEY WITH YOU.

Imagine for a moment what could happen in your business if you stopped working with just anyone, and started working with the right people…

The Money Flows

The right clients want to invest in their growth. No more haggling over pricing or packaging. No more questioning if what you do “really works” or if you’re “really worth it.” The right clients are ready and willing to go on this journey of transformation with you. They trust you as the expert and the guide to know what they need to solve their problem. 

Isn’t one session with you, or one class, just barely (barely) scratching the surface? Wouldn’t the impact of the work be so much greater if they were committed for the long-term? 

Learn how to enroll prospective clients into the long-term journey they need. And give yourself permission to say no to clients who aren’t ready for the commitment.

Shape your business to serve the people who are enthusiastic about working with you. Use their own language to attract them. Follow up with a powerful sales process that ends with both of you enthusiastically saying “YES!” to working together – and you’ll no longer be operating from a place of fear or scarcity. 

Choosing to work with the right clients (and only the right clients) helps you feel more fulfilled, create more client successes, and make more money. 

Your Clients Get Better Results

When your business is designed to provide your ideal clients with the ultimate results they’re after, your clients achieve the ultimate results they’re after! 

Look, the right people don’t care about buying time. They want results. They want to feel better, be healthier, live full lives free from the pains and challenges they’re facing.  Stop piece-mealing your services, and start designing a program that delivers real results. 

The right programming and packaging of your services allows you to go deeper with each client, outlining the journey, and providing clarity for what you can truly bring forth for each individual. Instead of walking away halfway through and unsatisfied, your clients are able to see significant progress, and are encouraged to keep working, even when the journey is long or difficult. 

Design your programs and packages based on getting them amazing results, and your business will be rewarded with loads of success stories and referrals.  

You Feel Incredibly Fulfilled as a Practitioner 

Just imagine what it’s like to have a business with committed, fully-aligned clients getting amazing results. Your bills are paid, your salary is paid, and your business is profitable to boot.  Not only are you financially solvent, but you never have to feel uneasy about a sale ever again. 

Instead of hustling for new clients all the time, you are able to spend your time focusing on achieving incredible results for your clients. You have the freedom to dive into the work that you have been called to do, and share your passion with the world. 

You are able to fulfill your true potential, by creating a profitable business that provides extraordinary transformation for the people that are ready for it.

This is your life’s work, after all. You were called to this.

It is time to put your energy into what makes your services unique and powerful, and stop wasting time on crappy clients. None of this is a fantasy – by using the tools I teach in my Client Champion Formula, you can turn this dream into reality for your business. 

If you’re ready to make this change, if you’re ready to build a business where you feel more fulfilled and connected with amazing clients, where you help them get even better results, and make more money in the process (without working harder or more)…then I’m here to help. Click here to schedule a discovery call with me.

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