How to Market your Practice When You Offer Multiple Modalities with Joanna Sapir


Written by Joanna Sapir

There are so many ways to market your practice – but is your current marketing strategy connecting your practice to your ideal client?

Are you working in your zone of genius?

Is there a difference between marketing a holistic practice to a regular practice?


Joanna was recently was featured on Chris McDonald’s Holistic Counseling Podcast and discussed:

  • Business systems
  • Working in your zone of genius
  • Marketing versus sales



Business systems for practitioners

Every successful business relies on effective systems. As the business owner, it is your job to figure out how to make things run well, and how to make them run smoothly so that the business can grow on its own while the day-to-day work gets completed.

What are the step by step … repeatable processes that you use in any scenario? Once you develop these processes and make them most effective you can automate some pieces, you can outsource some pieces, and you make them run smoothly so they can be repeated, and then repeat great client results. (Joanna Sapir)

These types of systems can be your:

  • Sales system
  • Marketing system
  • Client service system

Having slick business systems is a great help to solo practice owners and entrepreneurs because it enables the business to help the owner. Make the business work for you, not the other way around.

It makes it easier for you and it makes your business smooth and streamlined. If your business feels chaotic, or when you have those times where you are heavily booked, usually the burnout happens because of lack of systems. (Joanna Sapir)

Work in your zone of genius

Consider hiring an administrative staff member to help you run your business so that you can work in your zone of genius, instead of spending your time and energy doing things you either highly dislike or are not all that good at.

Work in your zone of genius and excellence, and outsource the rest:

  • Zone of genius: where you light up with enjoyment at doing the work and are great at what you do.
  • Zone of excellence: where you are good at the work, but it does not light you up.
  • Zone of competence: you can do the work, but you are not great at it.
  • Zone of incompetence: you are not able to do the work properly.

In all the different things we have to do in business, some things are going to fall into those lower two, and you absolutely want to outsource those for sure. (Joanna Sapir)

Marketing versus sales in your practice

Marketing is centered around getting noticed and attracting attention to your business.

Do not use mass-marketing strategies for your business, and instead market yourself by speaking directly to your ideal client. The message in your marketing will therefore change from “look at me” to “I see you”.

The sales process starts once you are in conversation with them about them becoming a client of yours. It is usually the leads who become clients.

Simple marketing process:

  • Marketing to your leads: these are the people in your email lists, who follow you on social media, and those who interact with you on an occasional basis.
  • Marketing to the public: you market to the public to create leads.

Your marketing is not selling your services, your sales process is. Marketing is just where you are talking to your ideal [clients] and showing them that you see them, [get] that attention, and [bring] them into your world … so you can invite them to take that next step. (Joanna Sapir)

Resources to market your practice mentioned in this podcast interview:

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