How to Get Out of the Freelancer or Contractor Mindset with Joanna Sapir


Written by Joanna Sapir

This episode originally aired on M.B.Om: Behind the Scenes, and in it, Joanna is teaching us how to get out of the mindset of freelancer or contractor and start considering ourselves business owners and entrepreneurs. As yoga teachers who work for themselves, this can be a super challenging shift to make, but Joanna has some awesome tips for how to go about it.


We discussed how to get out of the Freelancer Mindset in this episode and much more!

  • To shift out of the freelancer/contractor mindset, come back to your why as a yoga teacher
  • Is offering a class going to create the transformation you hope it will?
  • Set your prices so you can be profitable
  • How many client-facing hours do you want to have in your life? What is your ideal schedule? How much money do you want to make per month? These questions will give you a “base hourly rate”
  • Shift away from trading time for dollars (which makes it challenging to run a sustainable business)
  • Clients feel good when they invest in themselves and in a program vs. just purchasing a one-off class
  • Talking about your pricing and packages will be more comfortable the more you do it
  • When you feel uncomfortable, it means you’re growing!
  • And much more… Here is the episode!

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