Sales Mindset: How to Change Your Mindset Around Selling


Written by Joanna Sapir

I recently was featured on Pamela Crane’s The Yoga Pro Podcast and on it we discussed:

Do you know the difference between sales and marketing?

Do both of them make you feel a little slimy?

In this second episode of our Business Skills for Yoga Professionals series, Joanna Sapir demystifies the sales process and helps you get past that “icky” feeling that can sometimes come with selling your services.  As someone who has struggled with sales, I love this episode so much!

Joanna has been a teacher and mentor for more than twenty years, from the classroom to the gym floor; and now to wellness practices across the world. She works with established practitioners that are doing innovative and transformational work in their fields on the business-side of things like marketing, sales, and administration.

Sales Mindset Topics we discussed in this podcast interview:

  • How Joanna got started in her wellness business journey
  • Why crafting your vision for your life is important to your business
  • The difference between marketing and sales
  • Joanna demystifies the sales process
  • Why the sales funnel might not be working for you as a yoga professional
  • The importance of the consultation when you are trying to attract new clients
  • What makes an effective consultation and how to structure it
  • Why you don’t want to take on every potential client
  • Making the marketing all about the client
  • Designing your perfect prequalification process
  • Joanna shares tips for how you can stand out in the yoga field
  • How to figure out what lights you up so you can niche down
  • Why your lived experience qualifies you as an expert
  • The secret to getting long-term clients
  • Selling the transformation instead of trading time for money
  • Why the no isn’t about you

Resources mentioned in this podcast interview about sales systems:

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Joanna Sapir is a business strategist and coach helping innovative wellness practitioners and coaches build more profitable and sustainable businesses. She's on a mission to build a movement of people creating a new vision and reality for our future as humans on earth.

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