How Practitioners Can Get Out of The Freelancer Mindset

Converted: Clients from Scratch


Session Overview

Your business should be a reflection of your purpose and values as well as a vehicle to have the kind of impact you want to have on your community and this world. What stands in the way of that? Often it’s a freelancer mindset.

Think you’re stuck in a #freelancermindset? If you’re taking on any job that comes along and morphing into whatever (and whomever) your clients ask you to become—you’re not owning your business. You’re acting like a freelancer.

Drop your hourly or session-based model. And put a program in place.

If your clients aren’t getting the kinds of results that they want, chances are your services aren’t setting them up for success. Answer: what would it take for you to help your clients get optimal results? Then, set up your service-based products with that result in mind.

This is a lesson from the Business Revolution Academy.

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