8 Benefits of Enrolling Clients in Programs Over Selling Sessions


Written by Joanna Sapir

Are you charging for your services in packages of time?

You know, 1 session for X dollars. 4 sessions for Y dollars. 10 sessions for Z dollars?

It’s standard, I know. It seems like that’s just the way people in your field do it.

And you have clients, right? Some of them keep coming back, over and over, and get amazing results.

But some of them don’t. Some of them come in once.

And you know that they need to come in again (and you need regular clients!) so you feel like you have to sell them all over again, which feels awkward.

On top of that, if you don’t book sessions, you don’t get paid!

And if someone cancels a session, you don’t get paid!

Did you know there’s another way?

The most successful coaches and practitioners don’t sell packages of time. Instead, they look at what their clients really need to reach their goals, and they offer that as a program – with a beginning and end.

This is often one of the hardest areas for practitioners to get their head around, and frankly, people either learn the easy way, or the hard way. 

Here are 8 major benefits to enrolling clients in programs over selling sessions:

1. There’s more value for clients.

When you create a program for a client that’s actually going to give them the results they want, the value is priceless. When you sell them a single session and hope for the best, rarely do they get what they came for, and only a few of them will actually come back and continue trying. If you’re interested in truly serving your clients, especially in the realm of transformation, creating programs for them is the best option.

2. It’s more rewarding going on a journey with your clients.

It’s not just better for your client, but it’s more rewarding for you to go on a longer term journey with them. Rarely do you see the full problem in one session — rarely do you see it in three — when you create longer term relationships with your clients through taking them on a journey, you’re able to serve them in deeper ways as time goes on, and they are much more likely to get the results they’re after. 

3. It attracts your dream clients 

Longer-term programs demand a bigger commitment from your clients, and for the right people, that’s an exciting proposition. It means they take the journey more seriously and will do what’s needed for them to see the shifts they want, rather than just show up for a session and expect you to fix them. Your dream clients are who you want to design all of your packages around. Who are you really here to guide on this journey, who are your people? Form your business around them. 

4. It creates predictable income in your business 

Thinking about service delivery in this way also creates more certainty and financial stability in your business.When you create predictable income, you can look ahead to see how much money you are going to make. It gives you certainty also in terms of looking at expenses, and how much to spend on marketing for client attraction.

5. There’s more integrity in creating programs. 

When you create programs, you have to know your clients extremely well and you have to be exceptional at your craft. This demands greater integrity from the practitioner. 

You can’t just sell a session and be happy that they turn up, no matter the results — you have to be good enough at what you do to know what it will take for them to get the results they want.that

Programs are not arbitrary, they are designed based on client needs. You never enroll someone who is not the right fit. This creates a nourishing, aligned relationship for both parties. 

6. It gives you space to be generous

You no longer have to worry about no-shows and not getting paid, or if somebody needs extra help, you can now deliver it. Your clients have already paid in advance and if they need to change an appointment, you don’t have to worry about the loss of income. Given you created this journey for them, if they need a little extra help, you feel like you have the capacity to give it to them. Programs allow you to be generous, without draining yourself.

7. You don’t have to take on every client that walks through your door

When you’re selling programs, there’s no need to take every client who walks through the door. You have space and capacity to say no to those that don’t feel like the right fit for you. This means you end up loving every client you work with, your business flourishes because both you and your clients are happy, 

8. Your clients are more likely to get the results they want

When people financially invest, they energetically invest. They have more skin in the game. They are not actually investing in you, they are investing in themselves. And that’s priceless. 

So, now you’re ready to create your own program and price it the right way? Do it in 5 easy steps. Click here to learn how.

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