Join Us to Get Clarity, Motivation, and Actionable Next Steps to Make 2023 a Powerhouse Year

Launchpad 2023

A Strategic Planning
Workshop for Practitioners


Time and space just for you and your business...

so you can set your vision and make a clear, actionable plan for manifesting it

Let’s take your big ideas and dreams you have and ground them in the actions needed to make them a reality. That’s exactly what you'll get at Launchpad 2023.

Identify your biggest next steps
(instead of doing what feels like it's on fire at the time)

and map out exactly how and when you'll achieve them

Launchpad 2023 is designed for powerful growth.
Here are the deets:

The unique format of this workshop combines: connection with a community of other innovative practitioners and coaches; personal reflection and envisioning time; and guidance and mentorship from me. It also covers a mix of business strategy, personal development and embodiment work - the whole package for your results in 2023.

We meet together twice*:

Kickoff Reflection Session:
Friday January 6th, 9-10:15am PT / 12-1:15 pm ET

Strategic Planning Session:
Wednesday January 11th, 12-3pm PT / 3-6pm ET

*Please note that you will need to set aside time in between the sessions to do some work on your own. We recommend you give yourself one full day (or two half-days) preferably in a quiet place with no disturbances - like your own retreat.



Before December 18th, 2022

Here's What Past Participants Had to Say About the Benefits of this Workshop...

  • I know what I'm saying no to, how I'm proceeding, and what my biggest next steps are... instead of doing what feels like it's on fire at the time
  • The opportunity to create precious time and space for just me and my business at the start of the year - with the added bonus of being part of a community committed to doing the same.
  • Accountability for that bigger vision and sharing and tweaking it so it's more realistic.
  • I value the reflection just to see how far things have come in the year- sometimes that's hard to notice.

Want to join them this year?

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning is a specific process that gives you a roadmap to your goals.

In this minicourse, you'll get my Annual Strategic Plan Guide (that my clients love and use each year for their businesses) and I'll lead our group through the process of creating your strategic plan for 2023.

You'll walk away with clarity, motivation, and the actionable next steps to reach your goals, manifest your vision, and have the business and life you want.

There are 3 steps in the process we'll be walking through:

1. First you'll reflect on this past year to see just how far you've come, and what you've learned - sometimes that's hard to notice on your own!
I'll give you specific prompts for doing this. In the Friday kickoff session we'll connect with each other and reflect on the highlights, lowlights, and insights of the past year.

2. Next you'll get my strategic planning guide and I'll teach you how to use it.
This is when the fun begins! You will need to set aside time to complete the reflection, envisioning, and embodying work. We recommend you give yourself one full day, preferably in a quiet place with no disturbances - like your own retreat.

3. Then we meet for our second session and I'll guide you through a specific process for creating your actionable plan for the year.
You'll finish this session with clarity, excitment and accountability to make this a powerhouse year for you! Perhaps more importantly, you'll have the written, actionable steps to take to manifest your goals. You'll know exactly what to focus on each week, month, and quarter of the year.

Just imagine having a clear map for actually achieving your high-level goals in 2023

Whether that's getting new clients, launching a new program, increasing your income, or even taking a vacation (or three!)
this is how you'll achieve your big goals for 2023 and beyond



Before December 18th, 2022